Photo © Robert Banat, shoes and art ©Jaclyn Santos

I'm currently in the process of updating my homepage. I added a few images I'd already finished several months ago but just now put up. I'd like to add a lot more without removing the stuff that is already up, so I'm designing and reconfiguring all of that now. In the meantime, I would like to let you know of a very cool opportunity. My friends have been trying to get me to do this for a while but I just wasn't sure about how lucrative it would be, and I didn't want to take much time away from painting. But with all the talk about Work of Art Season 2, now is a better time than ever so here it is:

Everyone who knows me knows I paint all the time, so naturally the clothes and shoes I work in get covered in paint.  Well over this past year I did a lot of drippy, expressionistic brushwork and paint throwing in conjunction with my realist technique, and while I was making one painting I got distracted by the beautiful colors dripping all over my boots (see photo 1). I decided to just go with it "alla prima" and I loved the results. I would wear them to art events and people would just rave and say they'd pay all this money for them, but I never made them with the intention to market, I just made them because I thought they were cool and expressed my character. Then I decided to make another more streamlined pair  for some appearances I gave. Again, they got rave reviews. Finally, I made this awesome pair that got so many compliments I was told I'd be an idiot not to market them. (see photos 2 and 3)

So for about a month I've been trying to decide how to approach this. If there is enough of a demand, I'd like to order a few custom "Jaclyn Santos" designs -- say, a classic pump, a ballet flat, and a boot -- but I'd need to order the unpainted shoes in bulk and it's expensive. So I am going to test the market (and all of you who told me you'd actually buy a pair) by beginning with a service rather than a "good".  Right now, for the awesome price of $250 (return shipping included) I will paint a pair of custom shoes for you. All you have to do is deliver any pair of shoes to my studio; they can be brand new of totally worn down. I will make them look even better than new. For an extra fee, I will even have the soles and heels repaired at cost. I think this is an incredible deal and if/when I have my own prototypes made, the cost will triple. So now is the time to buy them! Plus, it's eco-friendly :)

What's great about these shoes is they are like jewelry for your feet. They are perfect for dressing up jeans or wearing with a little black dress. I guarantee you'll get more compliments than you have on any shoes you've ever owned.

I know many of my fans would like to buy paintings but can't afford to at the moment. While these aren't paintings, this is a great way to own something hand made and completely original by me.  Every pair I make is painted "allaprima" or "in one sitting". There are no patterns, so no two pairs will ever be the same. I will use only the finest leather stains and enamels on the shoes, so you won't have to worry about the paint chipping - it won't.

If interested, please email either at or with the subject "request for order form" and I will contact you right away with further instructions. Also, direct any other questions to those emails. Finally, if you happen to be a size 7, I have two really cool pairs available in my store. (click here). There are several smaller paintings, prints and drawings also available.

Thanks xo

© Jaclyn Santos