use discount code STARVINGARTISTNYCXOXO for 1 month free!

I just received these beautiful earrings, necklace and midi rings from Rocksbox is a super fun luxury jewelry subscription service that sends you a custom designer jewelry box worth over $200. You can borrow the items however long you want, then just send it back and get another box in a few days. (Or you can keep whatever you want for a discount.)

Use this code: STARVINGARTISTNYCXOXO to get an entire MONTH FREE! Normally, each month costs just $19.99, still a pretty sweet deal. use discount code STARVINGARTISTNYCXOXO for 1 month free!  Jaclyn Santos wearing Perry Street Necklace

Rocksbox did an amazing job curating for me based off the questionnaire I filled out.  I love large bling, but I also like my necklaces long. Usually, bling-y bauble-y necklaces sit way too high on the chest for my taste.  So I'm amazed that the first necklace I received (made by Perry Street) is THE perfect hybrid -- long, with substantial bling just at the bottom. I also love that the earrings (Ecru) and rings (Gorjana) are all 18k gold (no skin reactions, yay!)

Check on Rockbox on Instagram! ...and follow me too of course :) @stavingartistnyc xoxo